• A platform to bring together the worlds of sport and art through artists’ works and merchandise
  • NuStart curated ‘Deconstructed Innings’ – a collaboration between Sachin Tendulkar and ten contemporary artists, which exhibited at the NGMA Mumbai and NGMA Bengaluru in 2015
  • Winner of a prestigious Blue Elephant for Experiential Design at the 2015 Kyoorius Design Awards

  • A suite of nutritious and convenient beverage alternatives developed by NuStart, that are delicious, yet scientifically balanced, for regular consumption in local conditions
  • Currently under testing and finalisation

  • An independent performance-based digital company with strong technological and creative capabilities, in its second full year of operation
  • Partnering with clients for content strategy, UI/UX design, web and mobile application development and social media integration
901-B, Business Suites 9, S.V. Road

Santacruz (W), Mumbai 400054, India

Phone: +91-22-26043175